Emerald Eyes Editing

Emerald Eyes Editing and Proofreading

Do you require a final read-through of your manuscript? If so, I would love to assist you. I will look for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammatical errors, as well as typos, correcting them accordingly. Suggestions may be made occasionally regarding word choice to avoid repetition or enhance the story. Manuscript should be edited before this service is requested.

Providing authors a complete read-through of their manuscript to look for inconsistencies in characters, plot, and timeline. Anything that might cause confusion to the reader will be pointed out with suggested changes. Proofreading services are strongly recommended after copyediting.


I've gone through more editors than I'd like to admit, hoping one day to find the perfect blend of professionalism, accuracy, punctuality, and communication. I had lost hope that they existed, kind of like unicorns. Until I found Tricia. Miss Harden is my unicorn. She has worked on my last four projects, and I've been so amazed with her work, I'd even hired her to proofread my back catalog. She's an absolute pleasure to work with, and I'll definitely be using her services with every single project moving forward. – Jay McLean

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